The 30th Annual Ancient City Auto Club Car Show

“The 30th Annual Ancient City Auto Club Car Show


Text and Photos by Joe Greeves


An active part of the St. Augustine community for the last three decades, the Ancient City Auto Club has been attracting vintage car enthusiasts since 1983. The club holds monthly meetings and ‘dining outs’ at restaurants around town, along with regular events where members can enjoy driving their old cars to new places. Each year, the club puts on a car show, held at the beautiful campus of the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine. With all 54 members and their families actively engaged in ensuring that the event ran smoothly, the registration and parking crews got the capacity collection of vehicles in place in no time. In addition to dozens of highly polished Corvettes, the vehicle mix ranged from a beautifully restored 1927 Buick Master Six Roadster and an elegant 1926 Willys Knight sedan to exotics like a bright red Ferrari Testarossa and a Corvette-based Phillips Berlina Coupe. As spectators wandered the rows of custom cars and trucks, charter members Bob and Jinny Quackenbush filled the air with music and trivia, regularly calling out the winning numbers for dozens of significant door prizes. Live entertainment from the Dixie Stars line dancers and food vendors added to the fun. Vehicles were judged in 36 different classes and the awards ceremony presented custom plaques to the top three winners in each category. Terry Nies was already having a good time but his day got better when he heard his number called for the 50/50 raffle. He went home with an extra $250 in his pocket. In addition to all the attractions of historic St. Augustine, the car show date coincided with St. Augustine’s famous Nights of Lights illumination ceremony, rounding out the day’s activities. Profits from the club’s annual show help to fund two scholarships given every year to local automotive students. A donation is also made to the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind to support their vital work. Learn more about the club and the 2015 show details at





Jim Moore rolled in from Palm Coast with his custom ’34 Ford Victoria and matching trailer. 06.


Steve Abbot’s ’34 Ford had a gorgeous two-tone paint job. 07, 08.


Milton and Julie Perez arrived from Tampa with their 1956 Ford Victoria. 09.


William Bowles from St. Augustine owns this black 1930 Ford roadster pickup. 10.


The kids enjoyed this 2004 Mustang with its attention-getting display. 11.


This 1981 Phillips Berlina Coupe uses Corvette C3 underpinnings and a fiberglass body styled after a classic Mercedes 540 K. 13.


Jerome Jacalone of St. Augustine displayed his stunning, Russo Red 1987 Ferrari Testarossa. 15.


Showcasing the classic lines that made the postwar Buicks such favorites, this ’48 Sedanette restomod belongs to Mark and Deb Collins. 16.


One of the older vehicles at the show, this 1926 WillysKnight sedan is owned by ACAC charter member, Dewey Porter. 18.


Easily one of the most elaborate vehicles at the show was the highly modified ’56 Ford


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