The Day of the Drag Race

The Day of the Drag Race


Article by: Allen Smith - Smitty’s Rod & Custom

Photos by: Robbie Smith


The Day of the Drag Race has been a tradition in the hill country for thirteen years now. The event has endured all the bad weather Texas has to offer and managed to keep a foot hold in Texas racing history all the while. Held at the historic Little River Dragway which opened in 1957, the tree-lined track today is for the most part unchanged. The track was once old highway 95 and is the oldest, continuously sanctioned drag strip in the U.S., according to the current owner.


The event is often referred to as the Day of the Drags and is an experience like stepping back in time. The day is all about vintage speed as you watch gassers battle down the track and the loud, tire smoking action of sling shot dragsters leave the starting line. There are early hot rods and race cars everywhere and the best part is the spectators can get right up close to experience drag racing at its best. The roar of open headers and the smell of rubber burning surround you this day as the cars race down the track. The pit area is always open for a look at the preparation it takes to get these cars down the track.


The track is a 1/4 mile race track but for safety reasons the race is run at 1/8 mile only.  All American made 1963 and older traditionally-built hot rods, stock cars, gassers and dragsters are welcome to come have fun drag racing historic Little River Dragway or you can just take in the sights and sounds of this nostalgia event. The Day of the Drag Race really is a special event that should be experienced by all drag racing fans and furthermore it is a great way to spend the weekend with the family reliving a bit of history.




Article by: Allen Smith – Smitty’s Rod & Custom   


Photos by: Robbie Smith




The Day of the Drag Race


October 17-18, 2014






5.  The classic grudge match.


6.  The gasser war lives.


7.  Looks like a bowtie battle.


8.   Nice ’55 Chevy.


11. 1955 Studebaker


12.  A 1932 Ford with eight carbs!


16.  This car is a beast.


17.  Ready, get set, burnout!


20.  Racers approaching the burnout box.


21.  This flathead powered ’27 Model T also took home a trophy.


26. Cheater slicks – check, fender headers – check, straight axel – check.


32. These guys are having the time of their life at the drags.


34. Line them up guys.


36. Roadsters at the end of the track.








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