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On Wednesday September 17, 2014 Dave Hackney and I finally made our trip to the Dezer car museum located in Miami.  It’s a 2 ½ hour trip from Cape Coral so you have 5 hours tied up just in driving time.  The address for the museum is 2000 NE 146th St. North Miami Fl. 33181.  This is defiantly a museum to put on your bucket list, especially if you live in Florida.  The Miami Auto Museum is the largest and most eclectic, privately owned transportation museum in the world, Mr. Dezer has over 1,000 vehicles in his collection. Not only can you find many of the rarest cars in the world, but you can also see rare collections of motorcycles, bicycles, mopeds and the largest privately owned Vespa collection in the world as well. As you tour the Collection which is spread over two buildings (“A” North Building and “B” South Building), Dave and I only did building “A” and have already made plans to come back at a later date and do building “B”. In building “A” we saw the Hollywood Cars of the Stars, which holds the largest James Bond collection in the world to include cars, planes, and helicopters and much more from all the James Bond movies. In the Hollywood Cars of the Stars we also have the Gotham Gallery filled with Batmobiles and many of the Dark Knight’s different modes of transportation, plus some of the most famous cars from movies and TV shows like The General Lee from The Dukes of Hazard, The A Team, Grease, Back to the Future, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Fast and the Furious and hundreds more.  The Collection’s Hollywood Cars of the Stars exhibition showcases over 80 vehicles that played a leading role in some of Hollywood’s most celebrated films and television shows of all time.

In the James Bond Exhibition one of Hollywood’s leading film franchises, the James Bond series wouldn’t have been the same without all the cars, guns and gadgets utilized on-screen by the secret agent 007. This is one of the largest collections of James Bond props and vehicles in the world; the James Bond exhibition includes a fascinating array of automobiles, motorcycles, submarines, airplanes, helicopters, boats, and snow mobiles. The collection is home to the golden gun itself, a T-55 Soviet tank featured in the 1995 Bond film Goldeneye, a BD-5 Micro jet, and six gadget-equipped Aston Martins, among many, many other props.

The Micro cars exhibit alone is worth the price of admission, with many small cars I had never seen before.

Michael Dezer is a well-known New York and Florida real estate developer and entrepreneur.  The real estate experts museum shows off his extraordinary vehicle and memorabilia collection – housed in an 18,000-foot space, and this is one reason why we are coming back to do building “B” at a later date. His dream was to put this collection, ranging from Vespa’s to classic and antique cars, motorcycles and cars from films, in an above ground museum for all to enjoy, and this he has done in spades.  Dezer has been a vehicle collector since the 1970s, and his collection has grown to over 1,000 vehicles, along with tons of vehicle memorabilia. The museum is spread over 250,000 square feet, on eight acres of property, and is deemed to be the largest vehicular attraction in the United States.  Michael Dezer has been collecting for 55 years. His first purchase was a 1957 Vespa.  Between Dave and me we took some 1,200 pictures just in this one building and some day we have high hopes on getting back and doing the other building and taking many more great pictures of the Dezer collection.

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