The “FINKSTER” name came to be - first because of Joe Terman’s (Sr.) love of the many characters created by Ed Roth (aka “Big Daddy”) in the early 60’s. Ed Roth was a custom car builder, designer, cartoonist, pinstripe artist and illustrator. Best known probably for his grotesque characters such as the Hot Rod Icon: Rat Fink and of course the legendary Beatnick Bandit of the 60’s.

There’s so much more to this story tho and a very personal one too. Joe’s best friend Bob Rogers Sr. owned this C10 up until his very recent passing in May of 2017. They always talked about cars, hot rods, their likes and dislikes. Bob and Joe started the build together in Fort Lauderdale, Bob had the chassis and Joe the body. Joe moved from Ft. Lauderdale to Ormond Beach, Fl with his family and the build came to a halt. Soon after Bob brought HIS family up to near Joe and brought along the truck, ready to start the build once more.

Joe was a Master tech and body-man all his life. He knew something about building cars and motorcycles as he owned a shop in Fort Lauderdale for 30 years. He turned out many a feature custom car or truck. Joe’s son (Joey “T”) too is a Master Tech and opened his own shop just south of his Dad called B&D Customs, Inc. of Edgewater, Fl.  Like father, like son!

Unfortunately, the pick-up was never finished before Bob’s passing. He did get the chassis finished when Joe had his shop in Fort Lauderdale all those years but the body was another thing altogether (parts where everywhere it seemed). A move north to Ormond Beach, Fl by Joe and Joey’s opening of his own shop in Edgewater kept them busy. 

The truck had taken a back seat to work, life and Bob not feeling well. The family decided to sell the truck after Bob’s passing, at the Daytona Turkey Run. Joe’s son knew what the truck meant to his Dad - so Joey Jr. surprised him by buying the truck and giving it to his Dad for Christmas! It was an emotional moment to say the least!

The build or “tribute to Bob” as they like to call it was on! The full frame restoration began almost immediately at B&D Customs, Inc. as Joey Jr took full control of this two year build.  The “C” notched frame was finished previously and features a Ride Tech bag system all installed by Wicked Customs of Fort Lauderdale. It rolls on a set of American Racing Legend Series 18 inch wheels (235/45ZR fronts, 255/45ZR 18’s rear).

This short bed ‘71 C-10 is now powered by a warmed over 350 (built by Tim of B&D) with Eldebrock manifold, 650 carb, Crane rockers, gear drive and cam. MSD Ignition lights it up and exhaust gasses from the aluminum heads (70cc) are exited through the Headman Headers and 2.5 inch dual Magnaflow exhaust. The three-speed column shifted trans has now been relocated to the floor and helps transfer the now approximately 390 HP to the 10 bolt posi-rear. Its cooled by a custom Aluminum Champions radiator, flex fan and vented cowl induction hood. 

Body Men and Master Tech’s by trade, father AND son, the body was next! Joe’s son handled most of this as he has become a Master painter, pinstripe artist and interior man too! Ecklers provided almost all the parts so a big shout-out goes to them. Body mods include shaved side markers, and bed post holes. A molded rear pan, shaved tail gate handle and the added louvers round out the rest. The all black leather seats and headliner were handled by Joey. A 66 GTO rear-view mirror and chrome ‘40 Willys side mirrors lets you see who you just passed quickly fade away!

It was painted a very custom color; one that was used exclusively for the program GEARS and a car that was featured on that program. Through a contact of Joe’s, they got permission from PPG (Thanks Ron!) to re-create the custom mix and Joey painted everything the Green Candy color with Pearl overlay (Bens Paint Supply). He also laid out the shadow flames and painted them a grey pearl blend that faded to purple tips with many coats of PPG Clear. Pin-striping again sets it all off beautifully and was handled by son Joey.

A true labor of love - but mostly Joe would give anything to see his best buddy back by his side, admiring the finished truck. He believes Bob would love it! This C-10, The FINKSTER, as they often refer to it, is dedicated to his best friend, buddy - in memory - Bob Rogers Sr!

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