The Heat 5000 Series Heater

      Maradyne High Performance Fans(r) offers The Heat 5000 Series universal heaters, designed with durability and high performance in mind. Ideal for any vehicle not equipped with heating or defrost capabilities, The Heat 5000 Series features a compact design and comfortable out-of-sight mounting under the dash or to the firewall.

      Maradyne’s The Heat 5000 Series is made with a strong .22 gauge black-finish steel casing, a heavy-duty, long-life motor and a durable tube/fin core design. Available in two voltage outputs, the 12VDC model is a solid fit for hot rods, dragsters, race cars, off-road and military vehicles and other specialty applications.

      The Heat 500 Series universal heater is a true workhorse that’s solidly built and easily installed,” said Fred Garza, Maradyne National Sales Manager. “Our in-house engineering team controls the design and manufacture of all our products and continually works to improve upon existing industry-accepted standards to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.”

      Maradyne designs only the highest-quality components into its fan assemblies, ensuring all motors are manufactured for long life no matter how harsh the environment.  That level of workmanship is showcased in The Heat 5000 Series, which offers three speeds supported by a large coil for maximum air flow and measures only 7 3/8” wide by 7 7/16” deep by 7 1/16 “ high.

      The Heat 5000 Series heaters come complete with mounting studs and rear hose connections as well as mounting brackets for the fan control switch. Optional accessories include a Defrost Kit (part #MFA126) and a Louver Kit (part #MFA127). All Maradyne products are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

      Maradyne High Performance Fans

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