The Inaugural Daytona Dodge Garage Get Together

One of the most effective ways of acquainting people with new products and services is to throw a party.  When you invite them to your business in a social setting, it gives them a chance to see who you are and what you do.That was the approach used by Randy Dye, owner of Daytona Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Ram trucks.  Randy is a car guy as well as a businessman and he’s been in business since 1997.  In addition to selling a full line of new vehicles, Randy wanted car enthusiasts in the Daytona area to know about his newest facility, the Daytona Dodge Garage, a personal outfitting and customizing division of his dealership.  Located in the Daytona International Auto Mall just off Interstate 95 in Daytona Beach, the new facility is a one stop shopping opportunity where you can personalize your vehicle, whether it’s a minor customizing effort or a full-blown make over.  As an example of what they can do, Randy’s team created a convertible that Chrysler doesn’t produce.  The 2013 Challenger R/T on display started out as a coupe but now looks like a classic 1970s convertible.  It’s a perfect example of their talents.  Whether it’s cosmetics or performance, the staff will work out the details with you to make your dream car a reality. It makes no difference whether your ride is new, old, a Chrysler product, or another brand.  They do it all.  Almost as important as his talented team of technicians, Randy has developed a network of partners and contacts over the years that simplifies the sourcing of difficult-to-find parts and equipment.  That means you will be on the road sooner with fewer of the headaches normally involved with creating your perfect ride. 

    And perfect rides were what the guests found when they arrived at the inaugural Daytona Dodge Garage party.  Part of the collection of new and old custom cars was on display inside the dealership and another equally cool group of local customs was outside.  Valet parking took care of your car, a selection of wine and beer took care of your thirst, and hot hors d’oeuvres kept your tank from running on empty.  Live music and a great gathering of like-minded enthusiasts made for an exciting evening as well as a wonderful introduction to the new facility. If you’ve been thinking about personalizing your ride and would like to learn how the Daytona Dodge Garage team could speed the process, give them a call at 


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