Trick or Treat

As I sit here and write this it IS Halloween, so what better time to write about Art Trier of Deltona, FL and this beautiful ‘67 Mustang GT. 

It was ordered very early October, built in Meutchen, NJ and  delivered on Holloween of 1966 from Knifing Ford in Westbury, Long Island, NY.  He STILL owns the car today, some 47 years later! It is unrestored, with original paint, interior, glass, and chrome and under 40,000 miles! 

Now some may have balked at this, those that are superstitious at any rate, and as it turned out maybe he should have waited. This car was such a lemon at first that his only explanation to not letting it go sooner was that he got stubborn and was bound and determined to get it fixed and not let it get the best of him.

Mostly it was electrical problems but body fit and finish too were issues that still linger today. The electrical turned out to be a bad connector on a fuse-able link, the body issues/paint were something that he just couldn’t let the shop have it and feel like they would be able to get it right without him watching closely over it, so it too stayed “as is“. Even the engine block had to be replaced early on (less than 500 miles, under Warranty by Ford) due to oil pressure problems. Oh- did we mention clutch problems in the rear axle from the get go too! Getting the picture?

This ‘67 was ordered with the standard AM radio (no cassette) but every other option except A/C and the Styled steel wheels. Powered by the 390 FE Motor (335hp and 427ft lbs trq) and 4-speed, its factory paint is Candy Apple Red with the deluxe interior (otherwise know as a Shelby interior). Options like the center overhead console with map lights are pretty rare today as is the rear panel from Ford (OEM, owner installed) because it was a cast piece back then. 

Some of the add-ons Art did was install Stewart Warner gauges in the right hand part of the dash (the car has always run hot he says so they help keep an eye on all the vitals vs. “idiot” lights). Pin stripping was done to the car in ‘68 (inside and out!) for about 35 bucks he says ‘cause he liked it and owner installed items include a 427 distributor, a rear anti-sway bar, aluminum radiator, suspension modifications for the auto-crossing, new 428 aluminum manifold and carb, 7 qt oil pan and tow tabs for ease of getting it to and from the track when he was in Long Island.

Art was an avid SCCA Racer, Art’s plan was to autocross the car in the FMA (Ford Motorsports Accociation) when Ford was still backing various local mustang auto-crossing/rally clubs. About 1971 Art joined the SCCA as Ford withdrew from their FMA involvement and has been involved ever since!  He has served in various positions on the local and national level, even chairing many national boards and committees writing rules and developing new programs. His induction in 2005 to the SCCA Hall of Fame was the pinnacle of his 43 plus year career and he’s still involved! He is the owner/crew-chief/mechanic on the F500 -F Modified autocross car pictured, powered by a 2 cycle snowmobile/cvt trans, his son now drives. Cars similar to this have reached speeds of 135mph on the Daytona track.

So as another anniversary rolls by, Art relishes in the fact he still has the car and is able to get it out from time to time. Build sheets, original wheels, lot’s of memories all go along with it being one trick pony that turned out to be a real treat!


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