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Tony and Linda Squier of Mena, Arkansas are members of the Ouachita Cruizers car club and owners of Squier, Inc. They are not only business owners but true auto enthusiasts. I met Tony and Linda years ago at the Hot Rod and Restoration Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky where they had their 1955 Ford truck on display in the Street & Performance booth. Mark Campbell, owner of Street & Performance, introduced me to them with the idea that their truck would make for a great feature story. Tony was the first person to take the new factory Chrysler Hemi with the drive by wire technology and install it into something other than a new Chrysler. His conversion of the hot rodded truck from a GM LS motor to the new Hemi made history so to speak in the hot rodding community since he did all of the wiring harness himself with no help from Chrysler. Of course with a background in making up harnesses for EFI and TBI systems it was a challenge but nothing he couldn’t do. 

The years passed and I happened to be in Mena doing a combination trip of shop tour at Street & Performance and covering the Queen Wilhelmina Rod Run when I met up with them again. They invited me over to their shop for a visit, and I had the opportunity to look at some of their other projects. Tony and Linda use their personal projects as test vehicles for any new wiring installations they might produce. If it’s good enough for their personal vehicles, it’s got to be good enough to sell to the public. With this thought in mind you now realize their business shop is also their personal garage on another level.

The huge shop allows for many different projects to be going at different times and at different levels of completion. Besides their pride & joy Hemi powered ’55 Ford truck there is also now a Hemi powered 1954 Dodge Power Wagon that is built so well that it will pass the strict emission standards of the California inspection system! Tony and Linda have become so good at building the Hemi conversion wiring systems their products have been featured on SEMA display cars. 

Tony and Linda are true hot rodders as active members of a local car club and as business owners that strive to make a great product that helps their fellow rodders do work on their vehicle they might not normally tackle. Thank you for allowing me to visit with you and share your collection & passion of cars with our readers.

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11/22/2017 (11/22/2017)
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