Wounded Warriors Car Show May 29th

Wounded Warriors Car Show May 29th

            This was the Knuckle Busters very first car show and believe me they did it better than some that have done 20 car shows. In so many ways it was a winner. To begin with the venue was a large cool grassy area that on this very hot day was a blessing. The 125 or so cars had lots of room for tents and chairs so car clubs were able to park together even though the show was to be judged in some 30 Classes. Speaking of a judged show, I know that the ‘Peoples Choice’ Judging is a lot easier to do but that has more to do with how many friends you came with than how nice your car is or how much work you put into preserving one of these Works of Art. This show was a Memorial Day show where the proceeds were donated to the Wounded Warriors Charity. I say that’s pretty appropriate in and of it’s self but then you look at the trophies and you realize there was a lot of heart went into this show. The trophies, the charity, the gun display vendor and my favorite the Flag vendor who had every branch of the service’s flag, and rescue flag you could think of and sold these 3’X5 flags for $5 each. Incidentally we bought several and I have to tell you the MIA Flanked by two stars and stripes with a banner across the bottom that read; “Some Gave Much ……Some gave it All”! It chocks me up even as I write this.

I realized that the sponsors, who donate money, door Prizes, and trophies, make these shows possible and because of their support the Registration fee and raffle money can benefit in this case the Wounded Warriors. I remind some who complain that the pay a fee to show their cars that maybe they should consider that the fee is going to a good cause and because you support of the Sponsors they make it possible for us enjoy the social aspects of this wonderful hobby and at the same time we can be one of the ‘thousand points of light’. A phrase that somebody coined that to me is simply the “American Spirit”.

It was nearly the end of the show before I realized one more thoughtful thing these first timers did. They supplied shade with a huge 150-foot tent so you could get out of the hot sunshine. Now how many shows have gone to where they furnish you with shade? Sure they also used that for registration, Door Prizes, Trophies and items for sale but when we went to the awards presentation we all sat in their shade. Speaking of awards…I’m partial to specialty awards. Here’s the Best in Class Trophy the Knuckle Busters Car Club came up with.

This Olds Owned by Gerry Hale of Lake City was the recipient of one of these Best in Class Awards for his 1904 Olds ‘delivery model’ built in the Oldsmobile Works Plant in Detroit. It sold originally for $850 but I don’t know if that included these brass headlights and taillights.

And if you liked that and found it to be appropriate how about this “one of a kind” Memorial Day Trophy that went to Best of Show.




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