Xtreme '37

This ‘37 “X’treme truck” is owned by Gary Monday and Linda of Vevay, Indiana. They were visiting Daytona Beach this winter when I caught up with them at one of the local car shows. Gary’s business (Muscle Cars and Bikes) in Indiana was building motorcycles too and thus the love affair with the Harley Davidson Theme. He loved the truck theme Harley Davidson came out with several years back, so wanted to incorporate that into his ‘X’treme’ truck.

Overall, it was a 5 year project. Recently retired, they took a 5 wk vacation & decided to get after the truck in time for the Pigeon Forge Rod Run (2014) coming up later that year. Gary was in the midst of remodeling their 1835 home so decided to take a break. They both decided that if they worked non-stop, 7 days a week, they could have the truck done in time to attend the show in Pigeon Forge, TN….. 9 months away!

Make no mistake, Linda was a big part of this build too - she helped build this truck with Gary and once they got going, it was all in and hell bent for leather! They mocked it up in 28 days but then the work really started!

Powered by a 350/350 combo and shifted via a Lokar shifter, it also has a 9in Ford rear with 3:56 gears. Exhaust gases are spent thru all stainless 3” tubes, Flowmaster mufflers and Corvette tips. Mustang Suspension, 4 wheel disc’s (Lincoln), Foose wheels (18’s front, 215x35ZR18 and 20’s rear, 275x40RZ20) get her rolling. Especially neat is the all owner made hydraulics for the hood and decklid. It also rides on an air bag suspension by Air Ride Technologies. A digital dash by Dakota inside the Prowler dash keeps track of all the vitals.

Gary wants to be sure and give credit to Mike Sweeny (Sweeney Custom Paint) in Indianapolis as well as his friend Ed Thralls of Mitchel, IN, for the gorgeous off-white leather interior. The air induction was owner made as well as the hand made interior door panels. The color is a ‘06 Corvette Candy Tangerine (bottom) with a Chevy Cobalt Cashmere on top. Custom cup holders were also hand formed as was all the trim by the owners and installed.

The real story on this build was how they stopped working on their home and turned their full attention to the street rod, especially to be able to get it ready in time for the Pigeon Forge Show---in only 9 months time. It may say Harley Davidson but it all says “X’treme” to me! This is one sweet truck, congratulations Gary and Linda on the build, “X’Treme indeed!

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